Swains Reefs '02

Kanimbla Charter

26th Oct - 2nd Nov

Elise with a jigged Goldspot Trevally at sunset


It becomes difficult after a while to describe these charters without repeating myself, they are always great and I have yet to have a single person aboard who was not eager to do it again. So I have decided to 'cut to the chase' and relate the facts.

A 20kt northerly on Saturday became a 25kt soueaster but by Wednesday we had perfect conditions, unfortunately too late to make the run to Saumarez so we spent the week fishing the middle Swains. The trip out was a bit uncomfortable until we reached the shelter of the reef. We started in the Gannet Cay area and fished our way north. Most elected to fish in comfort from the big boat for the first couple of days.

Some of the fish taken included...

Northern bluefin tuna, Mack tuna, Yellowfin tuna (up to 20kg), Shark mackeral,Spanish mack, Cobia,Barracuda, a Marlin was hooked and lost from the mothership.A couple of good sessions on bludger and goldspot trevally up to 10kg. Most of our catch was coral trout,sweetlip and spangled emperor. Also parrot,chinaman,cod and an assortment of odds and ends. Didn't see many sharks, on the last day we had three very large ones around the boat at once..... all were hooked and lost. One small tiger caught.

A few of us had a couple of good sessions snorkelling/spearfishing. Nice dives and a few nice fish. We had Kanimbla's other owner/skipper Gary which was a change but no different from Bruce in cheerfulness and professionalism. Deckhands Cameron and Trev and cook Nev also were excellent Our great group of guys and girls all had a great time,got along well,caught plenty of fish and enjoyed many laughs. Hopefully next year we'll again make it to Saumarez....

Trip Photos

Many thanks to John for providing the majority of these excellent shots

Above from left. Mark with a very nice yellowfin. John's little tiger shark. Mary and a big cuda. (click to enlarge)

Above from left. Elise and Meredith with a couple of coral trout. Rohan and a big bludger trevally.(click to enlarge)

Above from left. Geoff and cobia. Paul K with a good cod. Angelo and a double-header sweetlip (click to enlarge)

Above from left. Bruce doing battle with a big shark. Steve....a good chinaman and a nice chinaman. Mary with the only thing that pulls harder than a bludger trevally.... 2 at once! (click to enlarge)

Above from left. John and spangled emperor, Phil with a very nice coral trout, Paul L and a shark mackeral. (click to enlarge)