Swains Reefs


October 25 - Nov 1, 2003

Forsaken again by the weather gods. Northerlies every second day, so it seemed. The days in between were good but the uncertain outlook ensured we stayed at the Swains. Saumarez was the goal, the Swains aren't a bad consolation prize, some of our best fish have come from there.

Someone caught a 95kg dogtooth from one of Kanimbla's dories at the Swains a few weeks ago. Anticipation was high, but sadly the trolling action was slow. Reef fish were good in patches and we all brought home a great feed of coral trout, sweetlip etc.

Other species taken were several red emperor, tusk fish, coronation trout, rosey jobfish, various cods and odds and ends.Pelagic fish were solitary spanish mackeral, shark mackeral and wahoo.Several trevally including some large giant trevally gave a few aching arms. John caught two 25-30kg specimens in an hour which is an impressive feat. I caught a 70kg or so marlin from a dory. Unfortunately it was in fairly poor condition, having previously survived a long-line encounter, and did not survive our attempts at release.

Thanks to Capt Gary and crew Les, Bruno and Ben who did well again all week, a good time was again enjoyed by all.


Trip Photos

Above from left. Simon and his wahoo. Our deckhand Les with a red emperor. John with the first of his Giant Trevally. (click to enlarge)


Above from left. Some nice red fish. Emperor,Trout and Tomato Cod. Des with a good rosy jobfish. Lou and a Giant Trevally. (click to enlarge)


Above from left. Our other deckhand Ben providing some live entertainment. Elise with a nice trout and redthroat. Ross and his big coronation trout. (click to enlarge)