Saumarez Reef '03

Kanimbla Charter

12 -19 April 2003


One problem with the surface being so calm is it makes it easy to see what is lurking beneath it. A big, friendly tiger shark.


We were blessed with ideal weather for the first 5 days so we made a beeline for Saumarez Reef then took advantage of the conditions to fish some new ground. Some great captures were made and a big variety in which were a few surprises.

A couple of 10kg red emperor and a heap of red throat emperor had us feeling more like we were fishing the Swains. (I have never seen and rarely heard of these species at Saumarez) But the good numbers of dogtooth,jobfish and wahoo provided a reality check.

Sharks were thick as always including a number of interesting encounters with big tigers.All the usual species as well. Several blue maori cod up to 8kg, coral trout to 8kg, three or four big GT's the biggest one weighed was 29kg, a lot of japanese seabream and coronation trout. A number of the green jobfish were in the 10kg range. There were also rosy and smalltooth jobfish taken. Pelagic fish were rainbow runners, barracuda, various tuna including a couple of dozen dogtooth to about 20kg, about a dozen wahoo up to 15kg.

Jason 'the machine' broke the stamina record. After staying up 36hrs or so, he caught a 150kg marlin, felt pretty good about it, so kicked on most of the next night as well.

A south east change hit Wednesday evening so we fished the Swains on Thursday and Friday. The effort was reduced a little but we still managed some trout, red throats, spanish mack etc.


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Above from left. Al and Rob with a pair of dogtooth. Steve's wahoo and lure that came off second best. Paul with a good coral trout. (click to enlarge)

Above from left. Steve C and Giant Trevally. Steve H with a beautiful coronation trout. Shane and dogtooth. (click to enlarge)

Above from left. If you take too long to get your fish up at Saumarez this is a common sight. Rob receiving plenty of encouragement while battling a big tiger shark. Pete with a nighttime Giant Trevally. (click to enlarge)

Above from left. Leon and a coral trout. Grant with wahoo. Steve C's red emperor. (click to enlarge)

Above from left. Shane jigged up this blue maori cod. Jason and his marlin. (click to enlarge)

Above from left. Wednesday morning. You know you're in for a special day when the dawn looks like this. Geoff and Spanish mackeral from the Swains. The fish of the day winners with trophies and T shirts. (click to enlarge)

As always, I can't express how professional the crew were. The boat manouvering and deckwork by Bruce and Adam (see below) during the marlin capture and release was as good as the best game boat crews, from an 80' mothership! A big thanks to Pete who supplied VB T-shirts and a keg of the good stuff. Thanks also to Al, Pete and Steve C for most of the great photos used here.A great bunch reunited and had a great week. The legend of the Super Seamen lives on.