Fish Species 1


Coral Trout

One of the best eating fish in northern Australia, coral trout are well represented at the outer reefs. Most Coral Sea trout are the large bluespot variety which can reach sizes of 25kg, however fish larger than 10kg carry a significant risk of ciguatera poisoning and should be released. They frequent reef outcrops and dropoffs where they will take lures or baits. Strong tackle is required to stop their instinctive dash into shelter when hooked.

Coronation Trout

These fish are one of the most beautiful in the sea. They are a close relative of the coral trout and are also superlative eating. Coronation trout are common around the offshore reefs and usually outnumber coral trout although they are more modest in size. 1 - 2 kg is normal although they may occasionally reach 5kg. They are voracious feeders and will often take lures or baits almost as big as themselves.

Green Jobfish

Jobbies are undoubtedly the most prolific of the coral sea sportfish. They can be captured on practically anything but are probably best targetted using either unweighted fish baits or jigs. They have many desirable qualities...great fighters, great looking and delicious eating. Common up to 10kg and have been taken in excess of 15kg.

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