Fish Species2


Usually present in good numbers, wahoo are another of the more desirable species that appear on most Coral Sea adventurers hitlist.They frequent the more open deep water away from the reef edge and are usually found in loose schools. They will take most lures whether trolled, cast or jigged but they have extremely good eyesight and will turn their pointy noses up at anything that is not moving FAST! Because of their hard bony mouths and incredibly sharp teeth they can be frustrating to hook and stay connected to. I consider wahoo the best eating of all pelagics and, with an average size of 15-25kg they are always a welcome capture.

Japanese Sea Bream (White Sweetlip)

Some of the earlier accounts of Coral Sea fishing erroneously referred to these fish as iodine bream, a similar but smaller species well known in inshore waters. They were regarded as a pest but in reality they are a fine fish providing excellent eating and a fight that belies their size. Very comon throughout the reef systems and usually taken bottom fishing with cut baits of squid or fish. Most Jap Sea Bream are between 1 and 2 kg although they regularly reach 3 or even 4kg.

Dogtooth Tuna

Because of their impressive size,appearance, fighting prowess and comparative rarity in inshore waters, dogtooth are one of the most sought after Coral Sea species. Smaller specimens to 15kg can be taken on jigged or trolled lures or live or dead baits. Big doggies can be more selective but will usually grab a big livebait,big trolled dead bait or big bibless minnow, big being the operative word.They grow to over 100kg and are good eating but we try to release most.

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