IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade Module

Version 8.21

Quick Start Guide

This guide is intended to get you started with a basic installation of the IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade module.

National Language Version: To obtain the Quick Start Guide in other languages, print the PDF from the Quick Start CD.

Product overview

IBM(R) Informix(R) Spatial DataBlade(R) module expands IBM IDS object-relational data server to provide industry leading SQL-based spatial data types and functions. Use the data types and functions in standard SQL queries or with client-side Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software (such as that from ESRI and MapInfo).

The following diagram provides an overview of the base architecture of the Spatial DataBlade module with IDS.

Architecture of Informix Spatial DataBlade module with IDS. Shows the Spatial DataBlade module integrated with Informix Dynamic Server, with client connectivity above the server level and three client applications .

Step 1: Access your software

You can install the Spatial DataBlade module from the provided installation media, or you can download the installation package from Passport Advantage(R) and follow the directions at

The installation package includes the following CDs:

Step 2: Access your documentation

For installation information, see Step 3.

For information about using the Spatial DataBlade module, see IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade Module User's Guide in the or the IDS Quick Start CD.

Step 3: Install the Informix Spatial DataBlade Module

Prerequisites: Install Informix Dynamic Server. You must configure a sbspace in the target instance to register the Spatial DataBlade module.

To install and use the Spatial DataBlade module in your database:

  1. Install the product using the procedure for your platform.
  2. Make the Spatial DataBlade module available to a database by registering it in that database with BladeManager. See the IBM Informix DataBlade Module Installation and Registration Guide for details.

Read Documentation and Machine Notes

After installation, read important online notes and product documentation, which are located in $INFORMIXDIR/extend/spatial.8.21.xCn/doc.

Uninstalling the Informix Spatial DataBlade Module

Use the following procedures to uninstall the Informix Spatial DataBlade module:

More Information

For more information about Informix Spatial DataBlade module and installation go to the

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