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September’s Orchids

August’s orchids was always going to be touch to beat, but I did manage quite a few different species in the end. Some familiar and a couple of new ones for me.

Some highlights were the Blue China Orchid and Lemon Scented Sun Orchids. I had never seen either of those before.

The Flying Duck Orchid I found was either triggered or had been fertilized. Never saw it open or found another one. Hopefully next year I can catch it open.

  1. Early Donkey Orchid
  2. White Spider Orchid
  3. Blushing Spider Orchid
  4. Cowslip Orchid
  5. Banded Greenhood
  6. Blue China Orchid
  7. Common Spider Orchid
  8. Sugar Candy Orchid
  9. Noble Spider Orchid
  10. Lemon Scented Sun Orchid
  11. White Spider Orchid x Blushing Spider Orchid
  12. Purple Enamel Orchid
  13. Clown Orchid
  14. Flying Duck Orchid
  15. Pink Fairy Orchid
  16. Carousel Spider Orchid