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Prints from Jurien Bay, the Turquoise Coast, sand dunes, wildflowers, wildlife, and other pictures from my travels

  • Product image for Pacific Gull Floating
  • Product image for Pacific Gull - Take off
  • Product image for New Holland Honeyeater
  • Product image for Singing Honeyeater
  • Product image for Bob - Nankeen Night Heron
  • Product image for Boat Harbour Entrance
  • Product image for Spring
  • Product image for Pink Everlasting

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All printing on high quality paper and canvas using archival materials. Frame the print yourself, or order it ready to hang.

Patterns in the sand…

This is the quoting part, taken from another context and adapted here.

Product image for Catching the Sunset

This is the text part that goes with the media. Catching the sunset, just as it goes behind the islands.

No one, ever.

All good jetties must come to and end.

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