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Informix Version 11.5

This pages contains links and documentation for Informix version 11.5.

Usefull Informix v11.5 Resources on the Web

Informix Version 11.5 Documentation

Documentation for IBM Informix, v11.50.xC7

This CD contains the complete English documentation set for IBM® Informix®, v11.50.xC7, and IBM Informix Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK), v3.50.xC7, in PDF. For HTML, see the IDS Information Center.

To view PDF files on this CD, get Adobe Reader.

Updated documentation: The publications marked as updated in the table below were updated for xC2, xC3, xC6, or xC7 as noted. All other publications were updated for xC1.

Quick Start Guides: The Quick Start Guide for IDS and the Quick Start Guide for Web DataBlade Module are available on this CD in PDF and HTML in English only. The Quick Start Guide for Spatial DataBlade Module is available on this CD in PDF in several languages, and in HTML in English only.

Full text search of all PDFs: You can use this CD to perform full text searches on the English PDF documentation. Perform a full text search by starting Adobe Reader in stand-alone mode, starting a search query, selecting the index file (searchable_index.pdx) from the root directory of the CD, and performing a search. For detailed instructions about searching using an index file, refer to the Adobe Reader online help.

Information Center: The IDS Information Center integrates the entire IDS 11.50 and Client SDK 3.50 documentation sets into an HTML frameset, with full text search, logical categories, easy navigation, and links to troubleshooting and support files.

Documentation notes: For updates to the product documentation, refer to the documentation notes on your product media or in the IDS Information Center.

Hard copies: Hard copy versions of many Informix publications can be purchased through the IBM Publications Center. To order a publication, note the 10-digit publication number on the cover page of the publication (for example, G251-9999-00), and enter it on the order entry page of the IBM Publications Center.

Language key: DE: German; ES: Spanish; FR: French; HU: Hungarian; JA: Japanese; PL: Polish; RU: Russian; SK: Slovak

Getting Started

Quick Start Guide for IDS  (PDF) (HTML) (updated for xC7)
Quick Start Guide for Spatial DataBlade Module  (PDF) (HTML)
  Translated PDFs: (DE) (ES) (FR) (HU) (JA) (PL) (RU) (SK)
Quick Start Guide for Web DataBlade Module  (PDF) (HTML)
Getting Started Guide (updated for xC7)


Administrator's Guide (updated for xC7)
Administrator's Reference (updated for xC7)
Backup and Restore Guide (updated for xC7)
Database Design and Implementation Guide (updated for xC6)
Enterprise Replication Guide (updated for xC7)
High-Performance Loader User's Guide (updated for xC6)
Installation Guide for UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X (updated for xC7)
Installation Guide for Windows (updated for xC7)
Migration Guide (updated for xC7)
Optical Subsystem Guide
Performance Guide (updated for xC7)
Security Guide (updated for xC7)
SNMP Subagent Guide
Storage Manager Administrator's Guide (updated for xC3)

Client Access

Client Products Installation Guide (updated for xC6)
Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ for IDS (updated for 3.58)
Data Server Provider for .NET Programmer's Guide, IDS Edition (updated for 9.7 FP1)

Database Extension

Database Extensions User's Guide (updated for xC6)
DataBlade API Function Reference (updated for xC2)
DataBlade API Programmer's Guide (updated for xC6)
DataBlade Developers Kit User's Guide
DataBlade Module Development Overview
DataBlade Module Installation and Registration Guide (updated for xC6)

Database Access

DB-Access User's Guide
Embedded SQLJ User's Guide

Programming Guides

Change Data Capture Programmer's Guide (updated for xC7)
Error Messages (HTML only) (updated for xC7)
ESQL/C Programmer's Manual (updated for xC6)
GLS User's Guide (updated for xC7)
Guide to SQL: Reference (updated for xC7)
Guide to SQL: Syntax (updated for xC7)
Guide to SQL: Tutorial (updated for xC6)
Informix .JDBC Driver Programmer's Guide (updated for xC7)
Informix .NET Provider Reference Guide (updated for xC7)
J/Foundation Developer's Guide
Object Interface for C++ Programmer's Guide
ODBC Driver Programmer's Manual (updated for xC6)
OLE DB Provider Programmer's Guide
R-Tree Index User's Guide
Spatial DataBlade Module User's Guide (updated for 8.21.xC3)
User-Defined Routines and Data Types Developer's Guide
Virtual-Index Interface Programmer's Guide
Virtual-Table Interface Programmer's Guide
Web DataBlade Module Administrator's Guide
Web DataBlade Module Application Developer's Guide
XML User's Guide


Glossary (updated for xC6)
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