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This is an overview of the types of services I can offer a company that is developing or operating systems that run on the Informix database server. I have experience in many different sectors, including banking and finance, retail, tele-communications, wholesaling, insurance and government departments.

  1. Performance Tuning
  2. System Monitoring
  3. Database Procedures
  4. Disaster Recovery & Planning
  5. High Availability Systems
  6. Data Replication
  7. Problem Resolution
  8. Knowledge Transfer
  9. Capacity Planning
  10. Migration & Outage Planning

Informix Consulting

If you are running Informix databases, contact me (jgh@jgharris.com) I can help you with your Informix database.

Informix Admin Tool

I have also developed an extensive library of informix admin tools. infx is a suite of Unix commands, browser dashboards and interfaces to administer Informix Dynamic Server version 11.50 databases

To find out more about my infx informix administration tool, go here: infx - informix admin tool

Informix Version 11.5

I am available for planning and performing upgrades from all version of Informix to the latest release.

For technical data and documentation for Informix version 11.5, see this: Informix version 11.5

Informix Version 10

For technical data regarding Informix on version 10, see this: Informix version 10.

Usefull Informix Resources on the Web

Jason Harris - jgharris.com.