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August’s Orchids

A manage to find twenty five different species (subspecies and hybrids too!) this month. I travelled a lot of miles, Eneabba down to Perth and inland to Moora. Orchids seem to be popping up everywhere.

  1. Jug Orchid
  2. Rattle Beak Orchid
  3. Dancing Spider Orchid
  4. Common Donkey Orchid
  5. Tuart Spider Orchid
  6. Carousel Spider Orchid
  7. Pink Fairy Orchid
  8. Pansy Orchid
  9. Moora Spider Orchid
  10. Dainty Donkey Orchid
  11. Noble Spider Orchid
  12. Greenhood Orchid
  13. Blushing Spider x White Spider Orchid (hybrid)
  14. Northern Sandplains Spider Orchid (hybrid)
  15. Northampton Bee Orchid
  16. Northern Bee Orchid
  17. Arrowsmith Pansy Orchid
  18. Blue Beard Orchid
  19. Arrowsmith Spider Orchid
  20. White Spider Orchid subspecies Daddy Long Legs Spider Orchid
  21. White Spider Orchid subspecies Coastal White Spider Orchid
  22. Common Spider Orchid
  23. Cowslip Orchid
  24. Early Donkey Orchid
  25. Blushing Spider Orchid
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Bee Orchids

Went out around Eneabba on the weekend and saw heaps of different spider orchids. Had to cut the trip short because of a flat tire. Not a bad place to have a flat tire because while waiting I saw some Northern Bee Orchids, Northhampton Bee Orchids and an Arrowsmith Pansy Orchid. Had never seen these species before myself, and probably would not have if not for that flat!