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The orchids so far…

Very good start to the year for orchids, with fifteen species locally, plus a couple from out near Moora.

In August already seeing some Arrowsmith Spider Orchids open, with more spiders hopefully out later in the month. Plenty of other spider orchid leaves are getting ready to open too.

If you see the Fringe Leeks, don’t forget to smell their sweet fragrance. Also go back later this month as more leeks like the Tall Leek often come up in the same place.

Orchids seen up to end of July

Sun Orchids

Early season sun orchids, Cleopatra’s Needles and Northern Queen of Sheba. Found with a little help from Ike.


The early season Autumn Leek orchid, and the Fringe Leek Orchid. The Fringe Leek flowers after a summer fire.

Hooded Orchids

One type of snail, one shell and two greenhoods!


Two types of Bunny Orchid, different ones grow in different places. But you can check the leaf to be sure.

Two types of Donkey Orchid. The Early Donkey Orchid has a longer “snout” with a different shape.

The oddly shaped Jug Orchid (actually in the same family as the hooded orchids above), brilliant Blue Beard and the tricky Hare Orchid. Find lots of their leaves but they can be shy about flowering.


At Moora managed to see some Moora Spiders and the Green Veined Shell Orchid. We where a bit early and missed the green and red versions of the spider as well as the Mini Donkey Orchid.